Through extensive research and development, Global Accelerex has consistently leveraged its bespoke application development capability to provide e-payment solutions that work perfectly for diverse clients in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

The Challenge

Global Accelerex was already powering some of the most widely used electronic payment and financial technology solutions in Nigeria and West Africa before coming to Check DC.

Global Accelerex needed to become as visible as much as its presence was felt and make the market recognize it for its unmatched standards in cashless payment systems with exceptional service delivery, world-class applications and ground-breaking initiatives that place it far ahead of the competition.

The Solution

Global Accelerex sees itself as a fintech company with an attitude of consistently providing excellent satisfaction to its customers while breaking new grounds.

The brand needed an identity that would make its position in the market more recognizable to its primary customers and other key players in the fintech industry.

The company wanted a
brand aligned with its goals to

Drive and maintain financial inclusion across Africa

Be seen as a globally accessible brand with a strong African footprint

Explore new business opportunities in the e-payment space

Leverage innovation as distinctive competence to boost competitive advantage

Maintain/attain a leadership position across all business segments

After conducting extensive research on how Global Accelerex has played a major role in the financial sector, we revamped the company’s brand identity to show the company’s impact so far and its future plans to expand its leadership position in the African payment and financial technology sector.

We kept the existing brand colors (red, grey, light grey and black) and chose the Avenir font as they properly represented the brand’s strong positioning in the market.

R 237 | G 28 | B 37
R 109 | G 110 | B 113
Light Grey
R 222 | G 223 | B 224
R 0 | G 0 | B 0

The brand’s logo combines an icon with the Accelerex text displayed as a single unit.

Original Icon
Expanded idea

The icon takes a cue from the accelerometer by merging the G and A from Global Accelerex to depict how fast-paced the company’s innovations are and the speed with which each of its goals is being executed.

Full logo

Our design also made provision for the use of brand extensions to represent individual services offered by Global Accelerex.

The X-Factor

An emphasis on the letter X in Accelerex sets the tone for the brand’s series of taglines that highlight the X factor in products and services offered by the brand.

Different backgrounds and patterns were developed to be used with images to create consistency across visual assets.